Hi, I'm James Chow

Welcome to my portfolio. I was born in Hong Kong and moved to Edinburgh in 2011 with my family and we are loving it here.

Since I was young, I wanted to draw or do something arty. I got my wish and more as the creative world is so vast with a huge array of tools and new technology constantly coming out.

Once I became a dad another door of opportunities opened up with Edinburgh Chinese School and Sciennes Primary School that I volunteer my skills.

I've also enjoyed taking photos since I was a kid and now teach children photography part-time.

Let me help you shape your idea.

Works well, looks great

Harmony between form and functionality is extremely important to me in all design. Many clients have a clear view of one or the other and I see a huge part of my role as helping them to explore the needs of both for a perfect balance.

Sketching is out

Some people know they want a website or printed materials but have limited experience in such development so I work with them to develop rough sketch for layout and strategy, asking questions along the way to understand what would work best for their ambitions – whether it be to keep or attract new customers, provide information or showcase their work. This is not only essential before any work begins but a fun and exciting time of sketching out the development of endless options before refining down to what works best.

A call to action

From my experience, the websites which have the highest views are the ones with a clear call to action. The design process works best when you know what response you want from your viewers. What do you want them to click on/share/view? I will work with you to develop clear messaging and ensure the design delivers your message with impact.

Credibility & Trust

Your website is a key opportunity for you to showcase your credibility and develop Trust in your audience/customers. It is also a place for the opposite where a poor review can snowball into damaging publicity for your business. As part of the service I provide, I will monitor reviews, check ratings and discuss with you how to maximise positive testimonials and respond to the harshest critics. I can also work with you to build trust by displaying awards and accreditations, highlighting useful fact, quotes and photographs – linking to social media where possible to broaden your reach.

Here are 3 areas that I focus my work on.

Keep scrolling to see some selected samples.


Branding | Publications


Landscape | Art | Portraiture

After School Photo Club


Design | Hosting | Content Management System

Volunteered Work.

Over the years I have helped these groups with my skills.


Supporting my community in ways that I can.

Sample of active clients.

Idese Interior Designs

Idese Interior Designs is a sophisticated boutique interior design studio based in Chelsea, London.

  • Redesigned logo.

  • Website landing page.

  • Website custome theme.

Idese Interior Designs

Branding with Logo, Website & Ad.

  • Photography.

  • Photography.

  • Photography.

  • Photography.



  • Browser detection website

  • Student Information System

  • Award certificate

  • Registration Form

Edinburgh Chinese School

Update Logo, Website, Awards, Student records system, etc.

  • Website maintenance.

Carnyx & Co

Web maintenance & branding support.

  • Mobile responsive website.

  • Updated menus.

  • Search engine Optimization

The Golden Dragon

Logo update, website, SEO, photography training.

  • Brochure cover

  • Brochures map

  • Brochure content

AKA resort

Branding for Leaflet, brochure, poster, etc.

  • Dying to be thin. Cover.

  • Dying to be thin. Glossary.

  • Dying to be thin. Content.

  • Dying to be thin. Pages 4-5.

  • Dying to be thin. Pages 6-7.

KELY support group

Eating disorder information book.

  • Thank you cards front.

  • Thank you cards back.

  • Thank you cards front.

  • Thank you cards back.

The Yard

Thank you cards.

Sample of pass clients who are inactive now.

Call a meeting

Scottish company who provides personalise conference call services.


  • Website landing page.

  • Website administration page.

  • Post cards for marketing.

  • Post cards for marketing.

Call A Meeting

Branding with Logo, Website & Ad.

Dr Image

Hong Kong Aesthetic Services

  • Website landing page

  • Chinese product page

  • Content management administration panel

  • Content management administration panel

  • HK Magazine advert English version

  • HK Magazine advert Japanese version

Dr Image

Logo, Leaflet, Multi language website with content management.



  • Leaflet content

  • Leaflet photo montage


Leaflet branding.

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